This is your tipping point. This is the point in your life where you can keep going along pretending everything is fine, even though you know it’s not. Or, you can come connect with women who have been at this exact point in their own lives, and find out what’s on the other side.

Take a deep breath.

We felt like something was missing in our lives.

We are two women who used to be stuck. Amy a single mom, corporate executive, local business owner: stuck. Sarah a mom of two, full time job, loving husband, lots of friends: stuck.

Rather than trying to ignore or run away from it, we leaned in. It was our inner purpose calling out to us. Our inner GPS trying to guide us home, and let us know that we were being called to a different path.

We are here for you. It is time to raise your self-worth and step into your power.


Join now –

This is your call to move off the well worn path that women have been traveling for many years, over and over, being made to feel small, like we don't hold value because we make less money, and that motherhood is our only purpose.

We’re not fucking doing it anymore.

This is your call to change paths.

We can put on a mask and pretend to be everyone else, but the reality is you have to remember what that mask looks like, and that requires a lot of effort.

When we align with our purpose, life becomes effortless. You can be sensitive, you can be emotional, you can help other people process their things when you're honest with yourself about who you are - also sensitive and emotional. 

Having to wear a mask and live on someone else's terms means that you have to put on other masks, and so remembering which one you're wearing, and how to react in that way, or make a choice that aligns with that mask, becomes overwhelming to your nervous system because it's not natural. You're not flowing. You're not authentic.

When you are authentically you, your choices are easy. You know exactly what you want. You know how you would react to a situation, and because of that knowing, you become unshakeable. 

Being authentically you means that you could have a whole pile of things on your plate, but you can trust your knowing in how to deal with them and make the choices that align with YOUR values, YOUR choices, YOUR design.


It is all about finding your purpose.


A supportive group of women who will listen to you and truly see you — so that you know you're not alone. We are your community. The Birth Your Power Community includes monthly live, online curated conversations and a private Telegram group. All group calls are held on the New Moon at 12pm PST. Welcome home, you belong here.

Monthly Meditation 

Your Story Magic

Taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body. Deeper dive into boundaries, ego, shut off your inner critic, and other empowering topics.

Your story is  as unique as you. Parts of it will become your purpose and calling. We will meet live, online, 1:1 to work uncover your unique gift to share with the world.

Meditation is the #1 step to getting ready to know your Self. We have purposeful, guided meditations for you, available for free on Insight Timer. We love the practice of meditating!

Self Care Guide

Using your unique life purpose code and Human Design, we will discover your superpowers, gifts, and the clarity you need to step into your purpose.

Purpose Code Session

How It Works


Meet Sarah

As a Registered Nurse by trade, with a Bachelor of Education, I have spent a lot of years teaching people about their health. When I became a Reiki Master, it shifted to teaching people about their WELLBEING.

With two kids, a thriving business, and a partner who is often out of town, I have had to prioritize my mental wellbeing, after a short depression in 2018.

It was through that experience I was able to pull tools together, and use them to slowly come out of my downward spiral. Knowing how important living your purpose is to your mental health, I am here to help you discover who you truly are.

-Dr. Tererai Trent

the community of awakened dreamers, the sacred sisterhood. Let us discover and call our your sacred dream, your Great Hunger, knowing that your sisters, hand in hand, are holding you forth.

Let me initiate you into 

I woke up one day and blew up my entire life. I had the marriage, the perfect career, the dog and white picket fence and I asked myself, “Is this MY LIFE?” My answer? No. It was my the life expected of me.

I left my marriage, I had a baby completely on my own and I left the corporate world. I am sure people thought I was going insane but now I am living my life for me.

I never saw myself as courageous or resilient, I just didn’t want to continue the path I was on. I had to do something, and now, I help other women like you discover who they are and live a more full life full of joy and purpose! 

Meet Amy

Step into personal alignment.
When You are in alignment, Calling in harmony, abundance, and ease.

Release self-sabotage, guilt and shame. Restoring Your strength.

increase your ability to manifest and truly live a life you love.

You will receive a Human Design + Life Path report and have a 1:1, 1-hour call online with Sarah to help explain your design, and show you how to live a life you absolutely love

After the 1:1 Human Design session with Sarah, you will meet 1:1 for an hour online session with Amy to integrate your design, uncover your story and start to discover your true passion + purpose

Access to our private, supportive Telegram Community (our goal is to move away from social media)

Monthly call that holds space for healing, and provides easy tools to show you how to truly step into your worth. We will also hold love-seats for when you need support the most

Gain lifetime access to the Birth Your Power mindset workbook

We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into the Birth Your Power Community.


Free 20-minute discovery call with Amy. The intention of the call is to answer any questions you might have, ensure you feel the group is the right fit, and capture your birth information to get started on your Human Design.

If you decide to join (and we hope you do!) you will get instant access to the Birth Your Power mindset workbook and monthly meditations. Sarah will reach out within 3-4 business days to book your call to share your Human Design report + connect.

We will personally introduce you in the next monthly group call + add you to our private community. Please come as you are, messy hair, kids, comfy clothes are all welcome. We love and accept every version of you.

Not A Sales Call

Mindset Workbook


How it works

The investment seems high. Can't I purchase a Human Design online?

You can buy a human design report for $100 – but its computer generated, and doesn’t give you a personalized in human explanation. We’re also adding in some numerology AND our amazing workbook. Keep in mind that you also get LIFETIME access to this information, so you can leave and come back as you see fit! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long am I part of the private community?

If you purchased the entire Birth Your Power program (The Coven), you are part of the community for 6-months of love and support and guidance. If you purchase The Gathering only, you are part of the community on a month-to-month basis. 

What transformation can I expect?

Living in alignment with who you are DESIGNED to be, you get to show up as a more grounded, more fulfilled human being who knows the nuances of how you handle pressure, and how to use your energy wisely. Hang out with us long enough and you'll learn to use your voice, protect your boundaries, and feel your emotions - which has a profound effect on your whole life, not just your business. 

Can you offer other payment plans?

Absolutely. Please feel free to contact us, and we would happy to find something that feels aligned for you. We know that life happens, and if you want it all we want you to get it! 

Why don’t you have a social media group?

Oof this is a tough one… we don’t love social media, and we don’t want to give you another reason to be on there. We all know the scroll-hole is real, and we want real life interaction - the dark and dirty - instead of the highlight reel of you! 

We love seeing your face in person, but there is still benefit to watching the recordings that you will receive the next day! We have noticed that when one person is going through something, then there is usually a common theme going around. Watching the recording can always give you some insight into what you're dealing with. 

Do I have to be spiritual? 

What if I can't make the calls? 

Absolutely not! But if the idea of energy, numerology, and human design makes you want to run for the hills then our program isn’t for you! We love incorporating the masculine and feminine aspects of all of us - the woo-woo and the drive to stand up for ourselves! Balance is key!